Bettina Giancana and Sam Giancana are two-time New Your Times bestselling authors. They are recognized both nationally and internationally as experts in the organized crime (Mafia) genre, specifically the Chicago Outfit. Their work has  chronicled organized crime in America throughout the 20th century, exposing its unique relationship with politics, the CIA, business, Hollywood, the Vatican, Central and South America, and Las Vegas. In doing so, they've provided the missing pieces of American history that investigators have been trying to uncover for years.

Double Cross

The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America


As one of the most powerful mob bosses in the United States, Sam Giancana changed the course of American history.  With Double Cross, hailed as “the most important Mafia book ever published,” the impact of Giancana’s reign is chillingly brought to life as his brother and godson chronicle his rise to power, providing an explosive tell-all that reveals, in Sam Giancana’s own words…



A page turner that’s both hard-hitting and entertaining, Double Cross pulls no punches. Containing more inside information and explosive revelations than any Mafia book yet written, Double Cross serves up a shocking look at organized crime’s influence on politics, entertainment and business – both in the U.S. and abroad.

30 Seconds


Madison Avenue meets the mob in the Giancanas' entertaining second novel (after Double Cross). The thrills begin when ad exec Marty English's estranged father, an old-school Chicago don, is poisoned by his right-hand man and Marty inherits a valuable, mysterious computer disk. The disk draws Marty back into his father's world - just as he's about to land a multimillion dollar account with Arrow Pharmaceuticals.


The key to acquiring the account is a 30-second Super Bowl spot, scheduled to take place at Arrow's glamorous eco-resort in Belize, where the odd behavior of Arrow executives and a conversation with a Mayan guide who works for the company lead Marty to suspect that the resort may be a CIA front. Suspicion turns to fear when he returns to Chicago and dead bodies start popping up. When a cop joins the victim list, Marty is forced to go underground to protect the disk and solve its secrets.


What makes the Giancanas' tale such a wild ride is the clever use of interlocking subplots to build suspense, particularly a Mayan angle that adds both New Age and high-tech elements. Marty English is an engaging protagonist who effectively combines slickness, intelligence and fallibility.

Double Deal

The Inside Story of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, and the Cop who was a Mobster


An expose of organised crime and its unholy alliance with world leaders, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement, Double Deal is a 40–year saga told with unflinching honesty by mob insider and former Chicago chief of police Michael Corbitt.

Growing up poor and angry, Michael Corbitt fought his way up the ranks of greasers and street gangs until he attracted the attention of Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana, who placed him on the Willow Springs, Illinois, police force. By the time Corbitt was appointed chief of police, he'd also moved up the Outfit's ranks and was living the high life of a respected mobster.


Family Affair: Greed, Treachery, and Betrayal in the Chicago Mafia

Sam Giancana with Scott M. Burnstein


With a contract out on his life, Nicholas "Nicky Breeze" Calabrese turned government witness and revealed the truth about the murders of a notorious Mob enforcer and his brother-culminating in a criminal case that would challenge the Mob from the street to the highest seats of power.

Mafia: The Government's Secret File on Organized Crime Mafia

Recompiles the Treasury Department's 1960s-era resource on organized crime in America, a volume that collected every then-known facet of information pertaining to more than eight hundred master criminals, including Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Vinny G. Author: United States Treasury Department Bureau of Narcotics. Foreword by Sam Giancana. Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers